Nepal Owl Festival 2020

Millennium Trek is ready to host Nepal Owl Festival 2020!

Nepal Owl festival is an important activity solely targeted on raising awareness of general people on owl conservation issues. The event is happening at Rangbhang of Syangja district.

This festival highlights the conservation of owls in Nepal and is also the first of its kind in Asia.

Rangbhang Club, Millennium Trek Management Committee and Friends of Nature Nepal are the co-organizers of the festival.

The festival is meant to be a Fusion of Entertainment, Local culture and Owl conservation Activities and it will also introduce the importance and conservation issues of owls as well as provide participants with an opportunity to enjoy nature, local culture and take away the message of owl conservation.

Here’s some details about the program:

VENUE: Araniko Higher Secondary School, Rangbhang, Syangja district (Western Nepal)


  • SCHOOL PROGRAMS: Poem, essay, story and painting competition on owls and owl conservation camps
  • PUBLIC PROGRAM : Owl conservation camps, owl conservation documentary, conservation speech, exhibition of photos and sketches of owls, owl face painting, owl call device, exhibition of owl related materials, owl robot, owl sculptures from different materials, photographs and arts, Poster of wildlife researchers, organization stalls, owl statue, exhibition of owl conservation materials, health camp, traditional swing
  • CULTURAL PROGRAM : Ghatu, Jhora, Sorathi, Sailaiju, 22 Tal Bhaka, IOF Dance, Kauda Dance
  • LOCAL GAME: Bhurum, Ghocha Gadne, Pangra Ghumaune, Ghuyentro, Thela
  • CONSERVATION AWARD: Nature Conservation Award (four conservation/social heroes working in the field of bird/nature conservation in Nepal ), felicitation to the local conservationists and organizations
  • ACCESS: Rangbhang, a panoramic village inhabited by people of Gurung and Magar ethnic group, can be reached from Chandranagar (Ghumti) which is close to Putalibazar municipality of Syangja district. Regular vehicles are available from Kathmandu to Waling, Syangja or Palpa, all of which travel through Ghumti and people trying to reach Rangbhang can get down here. People in Pokhara can either get into buses and microbuses traveling to Syangja, Waling, Palpa and get down at Ghumti or alternatively get into taxis which are available near Muktinath Bank, Prithvi Chowk. One has to pay NPR 250 per person till Ghumti. Three local jeeps (Mahindra Bolero) are available from Ghumti to Rangbhang at around 2 PM every day.

Additional buses will be arranged especially for the evening of 6 February and mornings of 7 and 8 February. Vehicles going to other villages like Oraste or Kolma via Jyamire can also be used. In that case, one has to get down at Jyamire and walk for 30-45 minutes to reach Rangbhang. People from Pokhara have another option too i.e. to get into the bus going to Oraste from Pokhara and get down at Jyamire and walk for 30-45 minutes. However, people who love hiking can take to the road and reach Rangbhang in between 2-3 hours from Ghumti. The road goes through some villages and patch of forest and the hike is enjoyable. Private vehicles with decent ground clearance will also reach Rangbhang. Also Motorbikes, scooters and mini buses (four wheel) also easily reach the village. There is an alternate route to reach Rangbhang i.e. via Dulegaunda in Tanahu district however regular buses are available only up to Oraste. People who have private vehicles with good ground clearance and motorbikes can take this way too.


Bal Kumar Gurung (Coordinator, Nepal Owl Festival main committee, Syangja) 9856052519
Raju Acharya (Friends of Nature) 9841308266
Yadav Ghimirey (Friends of Nature) 9849266026


Khum Bahadur Thapa : 9805881298, 9846096210

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