The Mysterious Cave of Rangbhang

Rangbhang (Rangvang)  is a Village Development Committee in the  Syangja District in the Gandaki Zone of central Nepal

It is a part of the Millennium Trekking Route and one of the attractions of the Trek is the Mysterious Cave at Rangbhang.

The Cave at Rangbhang is a very unexplored cave and termed ‘mysterious’ as the locals there believe that there is a kind of an evil spirit or ghosts that live in the cave.

The cave with a vertical drop of approximately 15 meters had been left unexplored for the same reason.

A team of professionals from the company ‘Hard Core Nepal’ are there to assist the entry through the use of gear assisting the descend into the cave. In fact, it was only after the exploration by the team of Hard Core Nepal in 2019 that the cave and it’s surroundings has been accessed by the locals and visitors alike.

As a matter of fact, several locals remembered being scared to even get to the vicinity of the cave and as a result, the cave was filled with lots of garbage and rocks as they had wanted to fill the cave up,

However, it is an enthralling experience getting inside and out of the cave and the stories that relate to the cave make it an even more exciting experience altogether.

The adventure contained within the cave and the fact that it is an another lesser explored destinations makes the Mysterious Cave at Rangbhang one of the attractions of the Millennium Trek.

Watch the exploration to the cave by Team Ghumante:

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