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Ghumante Nepal Ghumante Nepal @Ghumante
बादलुको तालमाथि तैरेझैँ लाग्ने मेरो गाउँ! गहते मनकामना, स्याङजा! My village floats above the clouds, Gahate Manakam…
1 year ago
Ghumante Nepal Ghumante Nepal @Ghumante

What a beautiful melody, Lamagau village of Tanahu, had a great welcome for us during our Millennium Trek. The guru…

2 years ago
Ghumante Nepal Ghumante Nepal @Ghumante

Majhkote Maya (love)!
We were late reaching Majhkot, and the locals had been waiting for us for hours. It was very…

3 years ago
Ghumante Nepal Ghumante Nepal @Ghumante

The lockdown, as it seems, might get extended for another week.

So, here’s episode two of our visit Millennium Tr…

3 years ago
Pratima Pratima @pratima726

The first episode of the Millennium Trek is out now!

Thank you team Ghumante for the exceptional work on the vide…

3 years ago