Millennium Cave

One of the biggest attractions of this Trekking route is the Millennium Cave.

The Millennium Cave which is central to the Millennium Trekking route lies at Ghaderi Village and is one of the lesser-explored caves of Nepal.

It is located near to the Sadhi River that flows crossing the borders of Syangja and can be reached on the third day of the hike if you’re following the itinerary that’s been posted on our website.

It is taken as one of the ideal caves of South Asia as two waterfalls cascade down the walls of the cave and unlike many caves with waterfalls where the water dries up during the summer, the flow of waterfalls located inside the cave remains the same throughout the year.

Surrounded by the forest, the cave is submerged in the melody of Sadhikhola and the chirping of birds so getting to the place is an experience in itself.

Different idols of gods and goddesses and bats in a heavy number can be observed inside the cave. A shivaling also stands inside as the cave is observed as a form of Lord Shiva.

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