Dhorbarahi Temple

One of the major attractions of the Millennium Trek is the ‘Dhor Barahi Temple’.

This destination is situated at Dhorphirdi, Tanahun and can be reached on the first day of the hike if you’re following the itinerary that’s been posted on our website.

This temple, tucked at a place surrounded by natural beauty houses a four armed idol of the Goddess Barahi along with idols of Ganesh and other gods and is regarded as one of the most sacred Hindu temples of Nepal.

As mentioned Himavatkhanda Purana, it has been said that this temple was established by the goddess herself. The bells in the temple date back to 1876 AD.

As a goddess, Dhor Barahi is considered to have the power to fulfill all the wishes of her devotees and as such, many animals are sacrificed to her every month. One thing to remember about sacrificing however is that roosters are forbidden as sacrificial animals. Likewise sacrifices are not performed during the festivals of Aunsi, Ramanavami, and Ekadashi.

Similarly, present within the premises of the temple premises is a pond which is watered by a spring that appears and begins to flow by itself. It is believed that this phenomenon is testament to the Goddess’ power.

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