Dhor Durbar

Nepal was, in the past, divided as 2200–2400 rajya (राज्य); independent states.
It is said that the ‘Dhor Rajya’ (ढोर राज्य) was one of the independent states and that the Dhor Durbar/ Dhor Mulkot is where the monarchs of the Khand Rajhya reigned from.

The Khand rajhya is said to have been reigned by 12 monarchs and the last king who reigned the kingdom was ‘Kriti Khand’. The kingdom got combined to the Gorkha Kingdom (present day western Nepal) in 1837 AD.

The Dhor Durbar or what remains of the palace is 30 minutes walk away from Rajasthal. Therefore, for those following the itinerary for the millennium trek as per mentioned in the website, this historic place can be visited on the 2nd day of the Millennium Trek.

This site is a preserved heritage site and is best suited for visits at early morning for the sunrise or for sunsets in the evening.

Nearby to the Dhor Durbar is the Khadga Kalika Mandir.

As this palace is suited atop a hill and allows a magnificent view of the Himalayan range, it is also a very popular picnic spot for locals and other visitors alike.

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