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Day 5:

The trek on the fifth day passes through more villages such as Kega which is a Gurung village about a 15 minutes of walk away from Pelkachaur, Garithok gaun that’s famous for agriculture, Banethok with its Rani Pokhari (pond) and a small village market where trekkers can also buy some of their essentials, Bhirkot Kalika with the historic Bhirkot Kalika Temple, Deupuje Dhunga, Bhadrapata that are famous for the Panoramic view of the mountains, a popular picnic spot amongst the locals and Naumati baja.

These villages are followed by an uphill walk to the village of Singarkot with is popular for its Gurung Culture.

The destination Majhkot is another beautiful village surrounded by hills all around where one can enjoy the local culture, lifestyle and be a part of daily activities such as cooking, washing, drinking, weaving, farming, cattle herding etc. There’s also a kohibo (the temple of the Gurungs) at Majhkot.

This walk of about 1602 meters on the fifth day of the trek, not including the time spent admiring the attractions can take approximately 5 hours to walk.

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