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Day Two:

After the night’s stay at Rajasthal, trekkers can wake up to a beautiful view of the sunrise and visit the Dhor Durbar that lies nearby.

The other landmarks during the second day of the trek include Magar Nas, Lakuribot (which is a Tamu/Gurung Hill Park), the beautiful village of Lama Gaun, the historic sumer palace at Babiya danda followed by the Millennium Cave at Ghaderi which is a fascinating cave with underground waterfalls.

Visitors interested in visiting the Millennium Cave should ask for the key to the entrance gate to the villagers in Ghaderi as there’s no ticket counter at the entrance gate of this lesser-known cave.

The retirement options for the day could be either at Ghaderi which is where the Millennium Cave exists or a 30 minutes walk away at the Magar village of Sandi Khola.

This walk of about 980 meters on the second day of the trek can take approximately 4 hours to walk.

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