Chandrakot Village

The beautiful Gurung dominated village of Chandrakot is boisterously poised overlooking the Annapurna Himalayan Range and getting there is a tranquil walk in the nature.

More than just the magnificient view of the mountains, Chadrakot’s distinct architectural and cultural riches are bewitching as the village of Chandrakot appears to celebrate and promote indigenous traditional housing of the hilly areas.

Nearby the Chandrakot Village are Koiphera Durbar and Pharthum that are situated atop a hill and provide a scenic view of the mountains, nearby hills and the villages. These places are also a popular picnic destination amongst the locals.

Nepal was, in the past, divided as 2200–2400 rajya (राज्य); independent states. It is said that the ‘Koiphera Durba’ was a durbar ( a palace) from those times.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed officially, at 1832 meters the Koiphera Durbar stands to be one of the highest points of the Millennium Trek.

Moreover, the farmers of the Chandrakot Village are taking to organic farming in a big way and all of these attributes contribute to making the village one of the major attractions of the Millennium Trek.

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